Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thatcher the Pirate?

Our official first booster period for PBiS launched today. We all gathered in the gym for an all school share. See below. 
And we talked about being champions. Champions can be the winner of a contest but champions can also be people that believe strongly and make a difference. We are champions here in WATERBURY and at Thatcher Brook. We helped five years ago when the river rose too high here in town. And now the water rose in another town, many miles away. In August, the town of Kaplan, Louisiana the water rose and impacted the town greatly. It left them without the use of their school, Kaplan Elementary School. It's a pre-K through 4th grade school, just like ours. And they are a great place to show out champion-ness. 
Starting today each recognition we earn will become a penny. A penny we can send to Kaplan elementary so they can rebuild their book collections, have school supplies and technology. The coins will be collected in the office in a big glass jar. 
Anyone can donate to the Kaplan Elementary Pirates, just come
On in and drop your pennies. 

While we collect our pennies, we will be showing some pirate pride and being champions. 

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